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The WaveRider is Science’s Answer to Radiation. Developed by Igor Smirnov who patented (US Patent 8044376) the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), the WaveRider is essentially an electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation shielding device - a unique and innovative technology, and a welcomed product in any home across the United States. This stand-alone home and office device generates natural healing frequencies by inducing the oscillation of a polymer at frequencies that counter the adverse effects associated with electromagnetic radiation.

The WaveRider polymer material does not reduce the power of EMF or serve as a radiation blocker. It works by “shielding” the cellular structures of the body against the harmful biological effects of radiation. The radiation is still entering the body, but the neutralizing effect of the device’s natural frequencies reduces the adverse effects associated with exposure. This makes the WaveRider an important addition to a home or office in the wireless age where societies like the United States are increasingly connected by gadgets that release EMF in great amounts.

The WaveRider best addresses deficiencies in current EMF protection methods against EMF dangers and provides related benefits. The device comes with a housing, a solenoid operably connected to a driver and a polymer. The solenoid generates incident radiation which results in the polymer emitting electromagnetic oscillations at natural frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with the subject's exposure to the electromagnetic radiation. The polymer includes a polar matrix, an oxidated hydrocarbon emulsifier, a galvanic salt, a dye or stain, and a polysaccharide.

The solenoid includes a two-frequency mode that generates two carrier frequencies of incident radiation, when the carrier frequencies are at higher frequencies than the oscillation frequencies. Carrier frequencies induce oscillation of the polymer materials. The solenoid is positioned circumferentially around an inner cylinder that houses the polymer.

The WaveRider device will be useful for the protection against radiation emitted from electronic devices such as a computer, a computer peripheral, a cellular telephone, a television, an audio system, a household appliance, and the like. As the best EMF protection, the WaveRider works against the harmful effects of WiFi and 5G that we are faced with today. Further, the device may protect against any intentional or unintentional sources of electromagnetic radiation with Effective Radiation Power (ERP) limited in compliance with FCC regulations. The device can be placed from about 5 feet to 30 feet from the subject and offer protection.

This noise field technology is also available for mobiles - WaveShield - that is similar but while on the move. As one of the best phone shields against the harmful radiation, WaveShield makes it almost essential for anyone who carries a smartphone, laptop and other electronical devices wherever they go. Paired with the WaveRider, you stay protected anytime and anywhere – a complete protection kit for all households.


Net Weight 
Weight (with packaging)
Packaging Dimensions
25.5cm (L) x 16.5cm (B) x 13.5cm (H)
Input Voltage
110 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
Output Voltage
12V DC, 350mA
1 year
Range of Coverage
9m Radius
Type of Device
Home or Office use
17,520 hours
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