COVID-19 Support Offer Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program
COVID-19 Support Offer Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program

COVID-19 Support Offer Hippocrates Lifestyle Online Program

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 The Hippocrates Lifestyle Online program, comprised of 20 courses, will teach you the science and show you how to practically implement an Organic, Vegan, Raw & LIVING FOODS, plant-based diet and healthy, sustainable lifestyle and train you to teach others.

This certificate program runs in groups, with live conference calls and email support. Due to limited space in the groups and high demand we recommend reserving your place now by contacting us at

This is an authentic online educational course with:

  • 320+ hours of content
  • 1 year of access
  • Option to add another year of access for $200
  • Audio interviews from experts around the world
  • Live conference calls with Hippocrates leading team
  • Downloadable, educational PDFs and infographics
  • Delicious, living food video demos and recipes from 4 raw, living food chefs and meal plans
  • An Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine Mentoring so you can begin to learn Mentoring
  • The latest in exercise science for longevity
  • Deal with your health- once and for all and live the Hippocrates Lifestyle
  • Expert sprouting and gardening tips
  • Science and research on phytonutrients, enzymes, hormones, and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle
  • Connect with other online students to support you
  • Transformational keys to learn The Hippocrates Lifestyle - why celebrities, pro athletes and top Doctors have come to the Institute over the last 60 years to learn best practices from us.

The program syllabus can be found here.

Quick Start Course

  • Quick start guide to living the Hippocrates Lifestyle

Course 1 - Principles of Health

  • Learn the core secrets of the Hippocrates Lifestyle
  • Gain understanding  how your beliefs determine your health and lifestyle

Course 2 - Healing Starts with our Beliefs

  • Learn strategies for emotional mastery
  • Be empowered to move beyond stress to infinite possibilities

Course 3 - The Science Behind the Living Foods Diet

  • Take the plant-based diet to the next level
  • Grasp how a living food diet is a step forward for veganism

Course 4 - Live Food Preparation

  • Learn to plan to be successful
  • Get tips and tricks from executive chefs

Course 5 - Food Combining

  • Understand the necessity of food combining
  • Get the science of why humans are herbivores

Course 6 - Growing and Sprouting Living Foods

  • Get the secrets to sprouting that we have perfected over 60 years
  • Discover how easy and fast it can be to grow your own food

Course 7 - Liquid Nourishment

  • Learn the science of fasting
  • Explore the essence and dynamics of water

Course 8 - Supplements

  • Understand the difference between synthetic vs plant-based supplements
  • Learn the essential supplements required to stay healthy

Course 9 - Detox & Elimination

  • Learn and understand the importance of detoxification
  • Get vital information on the relationship between colon health and nutrient absorption

Course 10 - Weight Loss & Longevity

  • Empower yourself with the science of weight loss
  • Understand why the Hippocrates Lifestyle reverses cellular aging

Course 11 - Exercise Immunology

  • Get the latest science on exercise for disease prevention
  • Grasp the power of the adaptive ability of human biology with exercise

Course 12 - Integrative Therapies

  • Explore the cutting edge therapies at the Institute
  • Get a look at the future of integrative therapies

Course 13 - Practical Living

  • Learn how to travel anywhere and eat out while maintaining your goals
  • Master living the healthiest lifestyle on the planet

Course 14 - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing

  • Gain new understanding about water and consciousness
  • Empower yourself with knowledge on the validity of the emotional body

Course 15 - Sustainability & Contribution

  • Delve into the integrity and power of growing your own food
  • Find a new perspective on deeper solutions for humanity

Course 16 - Being a Mentor and an Introduction to Accredited Coach Training

  • The impact of being a mentor on the world
  • Understanding levels of listening and thinking patterns

Course 17 - How to Build a Successful Business

  • Learn ways to generate income
  • Explore tools and resources to help build your business

Course 18 - 2019 Conference Calls

  • Listen to the Q&A Conference Calls from 2019 to deepen your knowledge

Course 19 - 2020 Conference Calls

  • Listen to the Q&A Conference Calls from 2020 to deepen your education

    Course 20 - Doing It

    • Integrating and assimilating on the course material
    • Final exam and written essay

    For a complete course list go here.