Culinary Institute (Level I)

Culinary Institute (Level I)

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Learn the healthiest living foods, vegan diet with over 60-years of research by signing up today to be one of the first to enroll in our fundamentals, Level I culinary program.

This program is for both existing Hippocrates alumni and complete newcomers. This program is for you if you have been to the institute and want to get back on track or stay on track with new ideas and inspiration. The program is for you if you are interested in the Hippocrates Diet and want to learn to incorporate the basics of the only living foods, plant-based culinary certification in the world. 

Through videos, PDFs, presentations and hands-on demonstrations, you’ll learn amazing new recipes and practical tips to integrate the Hippocrates diet into your home kitchen.

Subjects include:

  • Over 60 hours of instructional recipes
  • How to ‘live’ this diet, with practical applications
  • Food combining principles
  • Sprout pharmacy
  • Debunking myths about oil, calcium, protein
  • Pantry and shopping lists
  • Equipment overview
  • Resources



*Once purchased, course information will be sent after 1-2 business days.