CWR Double Below Counter Water Filter System

CWR Double Below Counter Water Filter System

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CWR's Crown AIO Double Water Filter unit can remove Chloramine, THMs and HAAs, Fluoride and numerous heavy metals.  A revolutionary technology that has just been released!

When special toxic contaminants are present in your drinking water supply, additional protective filters combined with our Ultra-Ceramic + Metalgon Filter can remove a wide variety of toxic contaminants.

How does Metalgon work?  

  •  Ultra-Ceramic + Metalgon Filter: Reduces parasites, bacteria,  chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, trace amounts of pharmaceuticals, lead, THMS & HAAs, bad taste & odor and turbidity.

  •  VOC Reducing Filter: removes additional chlorine and chlorine by products (THMS and HAAs). This allows the Ultra-Ceramic with Metalgon to more effectively reduce fluoride and heavy metals.

The Ultra-Ceramic+ Metalgon filter has increased efficiency in removing bacteria, parasites and chloramine.  To accomplish this better filtration, the flow rate is slower to allow more contact time with the carbon and ceramic.This unit is not recommended for areas with high sediment.

  •  High percentage of Fluoride reduction

  •  Chloramine reduction

  •  Reduces chlorine and chlorine by-products

  •  Sub-Micron Particulate Reduction @ 0.5 Microns

  •  Enhanced Parasite and Bacteria Removal

  •  Reduced Turbidity and Bad Taste

  •  Easy to clean and replace  filters

  •  Affordable replacement filters

  •  Durable Polypropylene Housing

  •  Ceramic Filter meets NSF Standard 42

  •  Bacteriostatic to inhibit re-growth of bacteria