CWR Replacement Filter Ceramic with Metalgon RF-IMPUCB2

CWR Replacement Filter Ceramic with Metalgon RF-IMPUCB2

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This is CWR's highest and most efficient ceramic filter with added protection from chloramine, THMs, HAAs and many more chemicals, Fluoride & Heavy Metals.  Please note that because the Imperial Ultra-Ceramic with Metalgon™ has a smaller pore size, the flow rate will be approximately 20-30% slower than the standard ceramic filter. This allows for more contact time with the filter to remove higher levels of contaminants. 

    • Sub-Micron Particulate Reduction @ 0.5 Microns

    • Reduced Turbidity and Bad Taste

    • Cleanable to restore flow rate

    • Durable Polypropylene Housing

    • Ceramic Filter meets NSF Standard 42 for particulate reduction

    • Meets NSF standards Chlorine & Chloramines reduction

    •  THM and HAA Reduction
    •  Fluoride & Heavy Metal Reduction 
    • Tested to Standard 401 for reduction of Pharmaceuticals


    •  Filter should be replaced every 3-6 months for a family of 3-4.