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Premium grade neem oil and special herbal extract blend featuring Neem leaf extract are added to an Aloe Vera base.

Neems natural components absorb into skin, restoring, rejuvenating and replenishes your skin.

Neem leaf extract and Neem oil are provided in an effective strength. This highly concentrated cream goes a long way so apply sparingly.

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  • 100% Vegan
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NeemAura® Naturals Concentrated Neem Cream (2 FL. OZ./56g) Organically grown premium grade Neem is uniquely extracted into Aloe Vera. Neem’s natural components absorb into the skin, restoring, rejuvenating and replenishes your skin.

From NeemAura® Naturals:

Neem:  The Miracle Herb – There is perhaps no other herb known to man that has so many and varied potential benefits for humanity.  Neem has been used for thousands of years and has been widely documented in the ancient herbal healing science of India, Ayurveda.  But the value of neem does not rely solely on traditional folklore.  Rather, it is one of the most widely studied herbs of modern times, with hundreds of scientific papers having been written about it.  The result of both traditional review and modern scientific evidence is that Neem truly is the “miracle herb”.

Science Validates the Uses of Neem – Modern science is also studying Neem for its potential use in the field of medicine.  Preliminary results and clinical evidence tend to support the extraordinary benefits of neem oil, neem leaf and neem bark.  Other studies indicate that Neem supports the structure and function of the immune system.  Again, while generally outside the scope of NeemAura® Naturals product line, it is interesting to once again note the wide-ranging benefit of neem and how it is now being recognized throughout the world, and confirmed by scientific studies.

Those interested in learning more about neem and its uses might start with some of the current literature on the subject as follows:  The National Research Council, Organized by the National Academy of Sciences, and acting under a grant from the Agency for International Development, compiled an extensive body of research on the many incredible beneficial uses of Neem.  This information was published under the title Neem:  A tree for Solving Global Problems, National Research Council, 1992, National Academy Press, Washington DC.

Neem has also been the subject of a major book originally published under the auspices of the Neem association, a non-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about the uses of neem, and now re-issued in an update edition by Lotus Press, Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, under the title:  Neem:  The Ultimate Herb by John Conrick.  The author has compiled an extensive list of research studies and scientific reports done on various potential benefits of neem.

SKIN CARE:  The Healing Powers of Neem – Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Dermatitis and other conditions of the skin.

“Skin creams incorporating neem oil can control psoriasis, eczema, acne, dermatitis and other skin problems better than any other known product.” – Dr. H.S. Puri

Neem has an almost magical effect on chronic skin conditions that often fail to respond with classical treatments.  Neem has been a major ingredient in skin care products in India for over 4,000 years.  Its skin healing properties are outlined in some of the earliest Sanskrit writings and its uses in Hindu medicine dates back to remote times.  Even today, India’s neem tree is known as the “village pharmacy” because of its miraculous healing powers.

Modern scientists have only just begun to investigate the many unique healing compounds found in this natural medicine factory.  The seeds, bark and leaves contain compounds with proven antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and immune enhancing properties among others.  Although major studies to conclusively prove neem’s effectiveness and mode of action are still incomplete, preliminary studies suggest the following properties for neem in creating and maintaining healthy and beautiful skin.

Specific Uses of Neem for Skin: Chronic Skin Conditions – According to Ayurveda, Skin diseases are caused by the excess of sugary substances in the body.  To counteract them, the opposite of sugar – bitter – is prescribed.  Neem is an herb of choice for skin diseases because of its bitter principels.  Neem has been used for treating all sorts of skin problems for thousands of years and is considered to be superior to aloe in its healing properties.

Psoriasis – Neem oil is probably the best product currently available for treating psoriasis according to experiments and reports from patients with psoriasis.  Topical treatment with neem oil moisturizes and protects the skin while it helps heal the lesions scaling and irritation.

The applications produced no noticeable side effects and stopped the itching, redness and continued to improve the condition of the skin for the duration treatment.  Improvements were greater when the areas treated with neem were also exposed to sunlight, often showing a complete disappearance of the condition.

Cleansing the skin with a neem soap to remove dead cells and to kill bacteria is a good first step in the process of treating psoriasis.  To soothe the skin add three tablespoons of powdered neem leaf or neem lotion to the tub before turning on the hot water, then soak in the neem filled water.  After patting dry, apply a neem-based cream to the troubled areas.  To enhance the effectiveness, oral doses of neem leaf (capsules or tincture) work internally to enhance the immune system producing quicker results than topical neem oil creams alone.

The usual topical treatment for psoriasis involves either coal tar or cortisone.  Coal tar products are messy, smelly, carcinogenetic and can be phototoxic.   Cortisone can thin the skin and can produce systemic toxicity after repeated use, especially in children.  Withdrawal can lead to hypertension, hyperglycemia, behavioral disturbances and peptic ulcers.  Neem has none of these drawbacks.  Topical applications of neem are easy and inexpensive, and since it is antibacterial and anti-viral compounds help prevent infections.  Neem can also take the place of oral medications and injections, many of which have strong side effects ranging from nausea, liver damage, skin cancer and birth defects.  With centuries of safe and effective use, neem is perhaps the best and safest alternative for treating psoriasis.

Eczema – Neem is traditionally known as one of the better treatments for eczema because of the broad range of beneficial effects it has on skin.  Two daily applications of neem extract cured all test cases in ten days with no recurrence for three months.  Though neem oil is preferred because of the concentration of active compounds, topical applications of even the milder leaf or bark extract have cured acute eczema.  The milder leaf or bark extracts have cured acute eczema.  To relieve the intense itching and reddening of eczema, wash the affected skin with a neem soap to gently cleanse and kill any infectious bacteria.  For a general therapeutic soak, add neem bath salts or neem lotion to the bath water.  For specific problem areas of the body, cleanse with neem soap then apply a neem-based cream to the area.  For difficult cases, take oral doses of six capsules or three droppers of tincture per day along with a quarter teaspoon of black pepper until the symptoms disappear.

Cancer – The neem tree is the source of a number of patented extracts for the treatment of cancer.  Researchers in India, Japan and Europe discovered that polysaccharides in limonoids found in neem bark, leaves and seed oil quickly reduce tumors and cancers.  The reduction was not due to direct toxic effect on the cancer cells.  Rather I appears as if cell proliferation was reduced through inhibition of protein and RNA synthesis.  Injections of neem extract around tumors showed remarkable reduction in size in just a few weeks.  Used topically, a number of reports have been made by patients that skin cancers have disappeared after several months of daily application of a neem based cream.  For centuries traditional healers throughout southeast Asia have been using neem successfully to reduce tumors.  The current scientific research supports the treatment of ancient herbalists.

Healthy and Radiant Skin with Neem – Aside from neem’s abilities to heal some of the more severe problems of the skin, neem is also used to beautify even the healthiest of skin.  The same properties that make neem an exceptional healing herb also make neem a beautifying herb unrivaled anywhere on earth!

The oil and leaf extracts of the neem tree produce tremendous beautifying effects for the women of India despite the harsh environment of South Asia.  The dry summers under an intense tropical sun have been countered from before written history by neem preparations.

Women include neem leaf and neem oil into practically all of their skin lotions.  They frequently bathe in water into which neem leaves have been sprinkled then apply lotion made with neem oil.

The oil of the neem seed contains a large number of fatty acids which researchers believe may be one of the reasons neem is so effective at protecting and rejuvenating skin.  Others report that immune stimulating compounds strengthen the skin’s defense which quickly limits damage caused by ultraviolet rays and prevents premature aging and skin cancer.

Acne – Neem kills the bacteria that can cause acne and reduces the associated inflammation that makes it so noticeable.  Neem-based creams have even improved the appearance of reddened skin from acne and ended years before.  To prevent and heal acne, first cleanse the area with neem soap, then use a neem face pack made with powdered neem leaf to soothe and tone the skin.  Finally, apply a neem-based lotion or cream to moisturize and condition the skin.  Take three neem capsules or three droppers of tincture per day for severe cases.

Dry Skin – Neem oil quickly relieves dry skin because it is easily absorbed into the skin’s upper layers.  Neem oil also helps heal damaged skin and enables it to recover its natural balance.  For dry skin, cleanse with neem soap then apply a neem lotion or cream as a moisturizer and lubricant.

Wrinkles – Creams or lotions containing neem oil can be used to reduce wrinkles by providing a natural moisturizer as well as immune enhancing and healing properties to the skin.  This combination of properties allows the skin to prevent and heal damage quickly, slowing the processes that cause wrinkles.  The same neem compounds also help skin retain its suppleness as collagen formation is promoted and the skin is protected and preserved.  After cleansing and drying skin, dab a neem-based cream on areas that are particularly susceptible to drying and wrinkles.  Follow with an application of a neem-based lotion to the rest of the skin.

To supplement the beneficial effects of neem oil, apply facial pack made from powdered neem leaf.  As the face pack dries, the soothing compounds of neem are absorbed into the skin.  This helps to reduce wrinkles and will make the skin feel smoother and appear younger.  Neem leaves are an astringent herb that tightens the skin and is particularly useful for hyper-sensitive people.

Vitiligo (Patchy Skin) – Patchy discolored skin is traditionally and successfully treated with neem.  Vitiligo is often caused by structural defects in the skin due to genetics or results of advancing age.  In clinical studies of treating patients with Vitiligo, four grams of neem leaves were eaten one hour before meals for ninety days while neem oil and other herbs were placed on the patchy skin.  In thirty percent of the cases there was complete relief by the end of the treatment with seventy five percent showing at least some return to normal skin color.  Neem does not color the skin but appears to restore balance to melanin production.

In several recent cases of people who have been using neem on their skin, they report that after several months age (live) spots had disappeared where they had applied the cream.  These people had not been taking neem leaf internally, only using a neem-based cream as a moisturizer.

Dandruff – Applied to the scalp, neem extracts and oil are the herb of choice for controlling dandruff.  Usually associated with imbalance in hormones, infections or diets rich in fats and sweets, dandruff can only be controlled, not cured.  Internally, neem compounds counteract excessive sweets and seem to provide balance to the body’s hormones.

To treat dandruff, apply a neem-based lotion to the scalp shortly before bathing.  This will loosen the scaly flakes and soften the scalp.  Using a neem shampoo, usually with extract of neem leaf, will remove the loosened flakes and kill any pathogen that may attack the scalp.  After the bath, apply a very small amount of neem lotion to the scalp and towel dry the hair to remove any excess.  Taking neem leaf capsules or tincture after especially fatty or sugary meal will also help balance the body’s glucose and hormone levels which can help prevent dandruff.

Scabies – Studies using neem lotions found scabies to be effectively cured in just three days.  Treatments with benzyl benzoate and sulpha drugs have failed to cure these same patients.  Scabies is caused by the female itch mite boring through the skin to lay her eggs and is very contagious.  Since scabies usually affects large areas of the skin, soaking in warm water steeped with neem leaf powder is recommended.  After soaking in the water for fifteen minutes, a neem-based cream should be used to wash thoroughly.  After the bath, a neem –based cream or lotion should be applied to the entire body.  The itching should be relieved immediately and the scabies eliminated in a few days.  AS the scabies mites can infect bedding and clothing, all clothes should be washed with very hot water.

Itchy Scalp – Neem provides quick and long-lasting relief from itchy scalp.  Itchy scalp can be caused by any number of things, ranging from allergies and dandruff to mites.  Since neem kills mites and has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory compounds, washing the scalp with a neem shampoo and applying a small amount of neem lotion will relieve each of these problems.


Herpes (Cold Sores) – Test in Germany show that neem extracts are toxic to the herpes virus and can quickly heal cold sores.  Tests on many different viruses seem to indicate neem compounds surround viruses and prevent them from infecting cells.  Preventing the viruses from infecting new cells effectively stops further damage to the tissues.  At the first indication of an eruption, drink one cup of neem tea made from ten drops of neem tincture in your favorite tea, preferably after a meal.

Follow the tea with hourly topical application of neem tincture or neem-based cream to the affected area.  Continue both oral and topical applications until the eruption has peaked.  Then continue with only the topical cream applications until the store has healed.

Chickenpox – Neem, a proven anti-viral agent, can stop viruses like chickenpox from infecting healthy cells thereby limiting damage to the skin.  Water extracts of neem leaf have reduced pock formation and actually destroys the virus in as little as five minutes.  Neem also alleviates the main problems associated with chickenpox – the intense itching and scarring.  Applying a neem-based cream on each of the sores will lessen the itching, increase healing and prevent scarring.  Cleansing the affected skin with neem soap and soaking in water with two tablespoons of neem lotion added will soothe the skin and promote healing.  Adults with chickenpox can supplement the treatment by taking neem capsules or tincture until the infection has passed.

Warts – Warts usually dry up and fall off when treated with neem oil.  Neem absorbs viruses and prevents them from infecting cells.  Since warts are caused by viruses, neem is effective in treating them.  To treat the wart, cover  it with the gauze portion of a small bandage soaked with neem leaf extract or a neem-based cream.  Change the bandage and reapply daily.  Results should be apparent in about one week.


Neem extracts are some of the most powerful antifungal plant extracts found in Indian pharmacopeia against certain fungi.  In particular, research has shown that the compounds gedunin and nimbidol found in the neem leaf control several fungi which attack humans, including those that cause althete’s foot, ringworm, and Candida, an organism that causes yeast infections and thrush.

Ringworm – The fungus that causes ringworm is effectively controlled with neem extracts.  In trials, patients that had failed to respond to treatment with salicylic acid and benzoic acid cleared up in two to three days after using neem extract on the areas.  


Neem leaf extract and Neem oil are provided in an effective strength. This highly concentrated cream goes a long way so apply sparingly.


Test your own tolerance or sensitivity to neem in small incremental steps, first on the skin, then in minute quantities orally.  Again, if any signs appear of intolerance for neem, stop its use immediately.

PLEASE NOTE:  None of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

AUTHORS’ DISCLAIMER - The information contained here was prepared for educational purposes only and is not meant to prescribe any treatment for any ailment.  If you have a serious or recurring illness, please see a competent natural health practitioner or physician.  The statements made in this book, unless specifically referenced, could be the author’s opinion, based upon extensive researched and personal experience.

No animal ingredients and cruelty free. 100% Vegan

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